When should you change your oil, cooling lubricant or precision cleaner? How can you cut costs on your process fluid? You can find out by measuring, because measuring is knowing! Get to know our free process fluid analysis in the lab or our filtration options.

The benefits of monitoring your fluid:

Performing a process fluid analysis gives you insight into the quality of your process fluid. This brings with it many advantages:

  • Reproducible: better monitoring of your process fluids
  • Cost efficient: less product use
  • Environmentally friendly: drastic reduction in waste flow
  • Safe: more clarity in processing waste streams
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Analysis of process fluids: what does it involve?

When do you replace your process fluid? If you do this too late, parts may no longer be usable because the process fluid no longer works properly. But changing the liquid too soon is not good either. It is extra damaging to the environment and comes at a high cost. By having your process fluid analyzed for free, you will know when to replace it!

Free analysis of your oil, cooling lubricant or precision cleaner

To ensure the quality of your process fluid, you can have your oil, cooling lubricant or precision cleaner analyzed free of charge.

We will then take a sample of your process fluid and send it to the lab. In the laboratory we monitor the fluid properties, the influence of any contaminants present and any wear and tear on the machine (parts). The results of the analysis tell you whether you need to replace your process fluid or whether you can still use it and for how long approximately. This way you produce more efficiently, more sustainably and you spend less!

Filtration service

Cut on costs with our filtration service! The filtration service is only suitable for the Fomblin PFPE oils.

You send in your used Fomblin and during the filtration process all contaminants are removed from the oil. The yield depends on the amount of impurities. The less impurities there are in the Fomblin oil, the higher the yield.

Filtering your oil gives you the following benefits:

  • Cuts costs: up to 75% cheaper than buying new oil
  • Reduced costs for disposal of liquid waste
  • Environmentally friendly: reduction in the amount of oil to be disposed of
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