PFPE greases

Do you deal with extreme temperatures, reactive chemicals, solvents or toxicity? Then discover the benefits of Fomlube® PFPE greases. Ideally suited for applications in aggressive environments, oxygen and high & low temperatures.

Benefits of Fomlube® PFPE greases:

With a very wide temperature range and an extremely long service life, Fomlube® PFPE are among the top lubrication products.

  • Chemically inert
  • Extremely wide temperature range
  • Unequalled resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Does not react with plastics, elastomers and metals
  • Inert to oxygen
  • Nonflammable
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Why choose Fomlube® PFPE greases?

The product series Fomlube® PFPE greases are available in various temperature ranges, from -80°C to more than +280°C. Specially developed for special applications such as in cleanrooms, automotive, vacuum systems and oxygen applications. Curious what else Fomlube® has to offer? Then read on!

High performance under harsh conditions

Whether you are dealing with chemicals, extreme temperatures, or high stress, Fomlube® PFPE greases always deliver peak lubrication performance! Fomlube® PFPE greases are distinguished from other oils by their extremely long service life, wide temperature ranges and high lubrication performance, even under aggressive conditions.

Extremely long service life
Fomlube® has an extremely long service life compared to typical hydrocarbon greases. Fomlube® owes its long service life to its inert nature. As a result, Fomlube® never needs to be replaced, unless the oil is used in very high temperature applications. In short, you cut on costs by reducing product consumption and production downtime!

Stability of Fomlube®
The inert nature of Fomlube® PFPE greases ensures that the grease always remains stable, regardless of operating conditions or aggressive environments.

Wide temperature range
Are you dealing with varying temperatures? Then Fomlube® PFPE grease is the answer! Compared to hydrocarbon greases, Fomlube® has an extremely wide operating temperature (-75°C to 290°C) and an extremely high viscosity index (>300). This makes the greases highly resistant to very wide thermal cycles.

Resistant to high load
Are your parts subject to extreme pressure? That’s no problem for Fomlube® PFPE grease either! Fomlube® greases thickened with PTFE can withstand high mechanical loads and retain their excellent lubricating properties.

Safe to use in oxygen and chemical environments

Fomlube® PFPE grease is safe to use in oxygen applications. This is because Fomlube® contains no hydrogen, only carbon, oxygen and fluorine. The absence of hydrogen ensures that Fomlube® has no flash point and it increases the stability of the grease. As a result, Fomlube® is nonflammable and is not combustible, even in 100% oxygen environments. In addition, the greases are resistant to liquid and gaseous oxygen and extremely high pressure. Several types of Fomlube® are resistant to high pressure (>200 bar) or extremely high pressure (>400 bar). Fomlube® greases have been evaluated by the West German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM) and the French Centre de Technologie et d’Expertises (Air Liquide) for reactivity with gaseous and liquid oxygen under pressure.

Chemically inert
Fomlube® PFPE greases are inert to almost all chemicals. The greases are not soluble in most, common solvents. However, Fomlube® is soluble in fluorinated fluids such as Galden PFPE fluids.

Compatible with plastics and metals

Fomlube® PFPE greases react with non-standard types of plastics and elastomers such as EPDM, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, natural rubber and so on. Do keep an eye on the thermal stability of the plastic or elastomer, this can be a limiting factor.

Fomlube® does not react with most metals such as stainless steel, many alloy steels, titanium alloy, cobalt alloys and nickel alloys. Due to its low surface tension, metal surfaces can be easily wetted with Fomlube®. Adverse effects on the metal at low temperatures are prevented by the chemical inertness of Fomlube®.

Incidentally, Fomlube® is not miscible with other synthetic or mineral oils.

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