Lamers High Tech Systems

A reliable supplier, because they keep their promises'

Lamers High Tech Systems is a preferred supplier to high-tech OEMs. Lamers manufactures systems for the transport, management and distribution of pure liquids and gases for companies in the semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries.

The Lamers High Tech Systems production process challenge

Very high standards are applied to Lamers’ production process in order to meet the standard specifications of their clients. The assembly of products is done in a clean room, with the utmost care and high precision. Traces of contamination or particles are disastrous for the production process. The lubricants that Lamers uses when assembling in the cleanroom must also meet high standards. Therefore, they use the lubricant prescribed by their customer, namely Fomlube GRM 60. Fomlube GRM 60 is a PFPE grease and ensures life-long lubrication and low outgassing values. In addition, it can be safely used as a seal or lubricant in vacuum systems.

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The collaboration between Lamers and FenS

Lamers High Tech Systems describes us as a reliable, knowledgeable and flexible supplier. “Knowledgeable in the sense that they know what they are talking about and can help if they have questions. Reliable in the sense of agreements we make together and which are also fulfilled,” according to Lamers High Tech Systems.
Because Lamers has to meet very high standards of their end customers, relationship continuity with their suppliers is very important to them. We make this happen by supporting Lamers High Tech Systems with:

  • Lubricant of unrivalled performance
  • Technical support for application questions
  • User-friendly packaging
  • Prompt delivery by delivery from stock

This way we can always act quickly should an unexpected situation arise. “We maintain a standard delivery time of 2 weeks. But we have experienced several times that we can deliver quickly. That gives us flexibility because they can act quickly if necessary.” according to Lamers High Tech Systems.

Problem-free supplier

The cooperation is actually running smoothly. I don’t even have to think about it. If the rest of my supplier package would function as smoothly and easily as FenS, I would be a very happy man” says Lamers High Tech Systems.