PFPE oils

Discover the unique lubrication performance of Fomblin® PFPE, a broad range of fully fluorinated oils. Fomblin® is chemically inert, has a wide temperature range and an extremely long service life. The oil is specially designed for use in aggressive, chemical, or oxygen environments with extreme temperatures.

What advantages do Fomblin® PFPE oils offer?

Thanks to an optimal concentration of additives, Fomblin® offers many advantages:

  • Wide operating range from -90°C to 290°C
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative resistance
  • High viscosity index
  • Good compatibility with rubber, plastics, metals and elastomers
  • Nonflammable

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What does Fomblin® PFPE oil have to offer?

Fomblin® is an oil based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE). The oil is characterized by high performance in a wide temperature range, excellent lubrication in extreme conditions (chemical or oxygen) and a long service life.

High lubrication performance

Fomblin® PFPE oil remains stable in extreme environments and has a long service life due to its inert nature. As a result, the oil does not need to be changed often or almost never. This allows you to save on your maintenance costs in the sense of less lubricant and less downtime of your equipment.

Fomblin® distinguishes itself from other oils with excellent lubrication performance under a variety of conditions, by combining thermal stability, nonflammability, chemical inertness and a wide temperature range. In addition, Fomblin® has good dielectric properties, excellent flow behavior at low temperatures and a high to very high viscosity index. The oils are available in different viscosities with temperature ranges from -80°C to +290°C.

Safe to use with oxygen

Looking for an oxygen-safe oil? Then Fomblin® PFPE oil is your solution! Fomblin® oils are in fact resistant to damages done by liquid and gaseous oxygen at high temperatures and pressures. Also, the oils do not react under shock load with gaseous or liquid oxygen. In addition, Fomblin® oils are certified by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research for safe use in oxygen environments. In addition to oxygen, Fomblin® is also widely used in combination with other chemicals. This is because the oil is inert to chemicals and soluble in most fluorinated liquids, even in CO2. Fomblin® is very suitable as a sealing barrier fluid in reactive chemicals systems.

In addition, Fomblin® is nonflammable because it does not contain hydrogen. Fomblin® consists only of carbon, oxygen and fluorine. Even in oxygen environments, Fomblin® cannot burn and the oil remains stable. This makes the oil very suitable for use in aggressive environments. Fomblin® oil is nontoxic.

Compatible with many materials

Engineering plastics or sealing elastomers? Fomblin® is compatible with the most common coastal plastics, rubbers and elastomers. Think of PVC, ABS, fluorosilicone and so on. Metals such as stainless steel, titanium alloys many alloyed steels etc. are also compatible with Fomblin®. Metal surfaces can be easily wetted with Fomblin® thanks to its low surface tension. In addition, Fomblin® has no adverse effect on the metal at low temperatures because Fomblin® is chemically inert.

Fomblin® are soluble in fluorinated fluids such as Galden SV. Incidentally, Fomblin® is not miscible with mineral oil or synthetic oils.

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