Schramme Industries

One supplier for all Schramme's metalworking fluids

The Belgian manufacturing company Schramme has a ‘one piece flow’ production. Due to the robot’s perfect programming, set-up time is ZERO, which results in very high productivity and machine flexibility. For Schramme’s end customers, this means a wide product variation accompanied by low costs. Minimum series size and purchase volume are a thing of the past.

Schramme and FenS: a stable collaboration

Stability and flexibility are high on the agenda at Schramme. Their process runs fully automatically and everything is in line with each other. The process has to be hyper stable. But stability of the process goes hand in hand with a stable supplier relationship. Schramme needs to be able to count on its suppliers and expect quick, expert service when needed.

We offer Schramme this stability through high-quality cooling lubricants and by honouring agreements; we do what we promise. Our specialised account manager Steven Rousseau lives in East Flanders in Belgium and is literally and figuratively close to the customer. He can be at Schramme within a short time whenever needed.

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“With the problem I had I called Steven and the following day he was here to take the necessary measurements and make the right adjustments so that everything is now running perfectly. I can say nothing but that it is very good” said Lorenzo Coene, Productin Manager at Schramme Industries.

Close to the customer

The Belgian account manager Steven Rousseau regularly visits Schramme to check the cooling fluids. Are all values still good? That way, Steven can make adjustments if necessary, help prevent any problems and guarantee the quality of the cooling oil. Because if the problem with the cooling lubricant becomes visible, you are already too late. “It is convenient for us that this is monitored externally” says Lorenzo Coene

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