Food-grade lubricants

Are you dealing with stringent requirements in the food industry? We offer you a wide range of NSF-H1 approved synthetic lubricants from CARL Bechem. Available in the form of grease, oil and spray!

Key benefits of our food-grade lubricants

Carl Bechem food-grade lubricants are known for their high lubrication performance and long service life. They enable you to produce more efficiently and cut costs!

  • NSF-H1 Halal and Kosher certified
  • Reduction in the number of products used
  • Less product use due to longer service life
  • Free of mineral oil
  • Products based on synthetic oil
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FenS -

Lubricants that last 3 times as long

Poppies aims to achieve the highest possible score during their food safety audits, which take place annually. We support Poppies in this by ensuring that all products are NSF H1 approved and that all documentation is always up to date. Where Poppies used to change the oil every year, the oil from FenS can now be used for the third year.

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Food-grade and efficient manufacturing with Carl Bechem lubricants

Are you dealing with extreme conditions in your food process? From high temperatures in ovens to very low temperatures in freezers or high pressure? Then BECHEM specialist lubricants is the solution. Food-grade lubricants are specially developed for common and special applications.

Certification/food safety

Our food-grade products meet the standards and requirements to be able to use in the food industry. The NSF-H1 certification indicates that the lubricants may be used in processes where incidental contact with food products is possible. The food-grade lubricants also have a Halal and Kosher certificate and a non-allergen declaration. You always receive the latest product information, safety information, NSF certificates and other necessary documents. So you always have the complete documentation. No more hassle during an audit.

How do you save on your maintenance expenses?

Reduction in the number of lubricants
Is your warehouse full of all different kinds of lubricants? A different kind of grease for every application? Chances are you’re using the wrong lubricant. With the food-grade lubricants from Bechem this is a thing of the past! Our products are widely applicable thanks to the multifunctional properties. You can use 1 product for multiple applications. The number of different lubricants is reduced, as is the risk of errors. In addition, you also save on maintenance expenses and you have less different lubricants and less downtime or extra work due to errors.

Longer service life

The properties of synthetic lubricants ensure higher lubrication performance and a longer service life. As a result, you consume less product and minimize costs.

Quality of synthetic lubricants

Synthetic lubricants are more powerful and provide better performance than mineral oils. This is because synthetic lubricants contain more highly refined base oils, unlike mineral oils. Bechem synthetic lubricants, unlike mineral oils, offer the following advantages:

  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity (directly at process start-up)
  • Viscosity stability at high temperature
  • Protection against deposition
  • Excellent protection against wear
  • Insensitive to bacterial growth
  • Highly water resistant
  • Oxidation stability

Ensuring quality through oil analysis

To ensure the quality of the oil, we offer you the opportunity to carry out a free annual oil analysis. Because, measuring is knowing! We monitor the fluid properties, influence of possible contaminants and possible wear of machine (parts). Based on the results of the oil analysis, we can monitor the quality of the oil with a more efficient production process as the end result.