Cleaning agents

Are you looking for cleaning agents for the metalworking industry? Then discover the alkaline, neutral and solvent-based cleaning agents from Bechem: Beruclean.

Benefits of Beruclean

Beruclean: the residue-free cleaning of all process liquids in metalworking. Suitable for all surfaces with the most diverse application methods.

  • Universally applicable
  • Excellent grease and dirt dissolving properties
  • No troublesome foaming, even in high-pressure applications
  • Good temporary corrosion protection
  • Low processing temperature
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Different types of Beruclean

You want clean parts, of course, but you also want to produce efficiently, right? Then choosing the right cleaning agent is very important. But how do you choose the right cleaning agent for your part? You can read more about our different types of cleaning agents, their advantages and their applications.

Aqueous cleaning agents for metalworking

Neutral cleaning agents
Do you want to clean steel, non-ferrous metals or aluminum? Then the Beruclean neutral cleaning agent might be right for you! Beruclean neutral cleaning agents have an excellent demulsifying effect and prevents foaming, even at low temperatures and high pressure. In addition, the cleaning agents offer an in-process corrosion protection and provide a self-cleaning effect in the washing system.

You save money with Beruclean’s neutral cleaning agent thanks to its strong concentration and wide range of application. This means you use less product and reduce the number of different products in stock.

Mild and high alkaline cleaning agents

Do you use ultrasonic, spray and immersion cleaning processes and want to clean zinc, aluminum and non-ferrous metals? Then we recommend the mild alkaline Beruclean cleaning agents.

The mild alkaline Beruclean cleaning agent can be used in spray cleaning processes at temperatures from +30 °C to +60 °C. For ultrasonic cleaning processes, a temperature of +30 °C to +70 °C applies, and for immersion cleaning processes a temperature of +30 °C to +80 °C applies.

Want to cleaning ferrous metals in ultrasonic, spray and immersion cleaning processes? Then high alkaline Beruclean cleaning agents are suitable! The high alkaline cleaning agents can be used at temperatures from +50 °C to +80 °C in immersion, spray and ultrasonic cleaning processes. The high alkaline Beruclean cleaning agents are free of complexing agents and tensides.

Acidic cleaning agents

Are you cleaning stainless steel (SS) or ceramic materials? Then discover the advantages of acidic Beruclean cleaning agents. Thanks to their high dissolving properties, these cleaning agents remove organic and inorganic deposits. For example, calcification and other acid-soluble impurities.

Acidic Beruclean cleaning agents are used in immersion degreasing at temperatures from +30 °C to +80 °C, manual cleaning and diluted in high-pressure cleaning agents.

Solvent-based cleaning agents for metalwork

Cleaning metal parts, semi-finished systems or tools? Beruclean hydrocarbon cleaning agents offer the solution! This Beruclean series is particularly suitable for cleaning organic contaminants such as oil or grease. The Beruclean cold cleaning agents are almost all free of aromatic compounds. In addition, the cold cleaning agents have a narrow boiling range, short drying times and low consumption.

Or are you looking for an environmentally friendly cold cleaning agent? Then we offer you the Beruclean ECO. This cleaning agent consists of great biodegradable substances; therefore, is suitable for environmentally sensitive environments.