Corrosion protectors

How do you prevent corrosion on your treated metal parts during storage and transport? With Beruprotect! This corrosion protector protects your metal parts against corrosion for both short and long term storage and transport routes.

The most important benefits of Beruprotect

Beruprotect is available as a thin film preservative, corrosion protective oil, water-soluble corrosion protection concentrate and as an easy-to-apply corrosion protection spray.

  • Provides longer protection than competitive products
  • Free of aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Neutral in odor
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The different types of Beruprotect corrosion protectors

Which type of Beruprotect do you choose? This choice depends on aspects such as storage location, storage duration and transport route. Here you will find more information on the different types of Beruprotect and what you should consider when choosing a corrosion protector.

Beruprotect thin film preservation

Are your parts stored inside or have the parts already been cleaned with Beruclean 5000? Then we recommend Beruprotect thin film preservation! Beruprotect thin film preservation has been specially developed to protect parts against corrosion in temporary internal storage. Or for parts that must be easy to clean after storage for further processing of the parts.

Since Beruclean 5000 is tailored to the following process steps, in addition to cleaning, Beruclean 5000 also has a corrosion prevention effect. This means that there is already a very thin layer of corrosion protection on the parts after cleaning. A thin film preservation then provides sufficient corrosion protection. Beruprotect thin film preservation forms a very thin Vaseline-like layer on the parts to be protected. The layer thickness varies between 0.7 or 1 micron, depending on the type of Beruprotect. The thin film preservation provides excellent corrosion protection, up to 12 months with internal storage. This is because of the good quality and high percentage of corrosion resistant components in the product. In contrast to competing products, where the percentage of corrosion resistant components is lower. As a result, competing products offer less long term corrosion protection than Beruprotect.

The advantage of a thin film preservation is that it is very easy to clean, because the protective layer is so thin. In contrast to a wax-like corrosion protector for example, this layer is much thicker and more difficult to clean. In addition, Beruprotect thin film preservation products are not harmful to your staff. This is because the products are free of aromatics and therefore have a neutral odor.

Beruprotect corrosion protective concentrates

If a solvent as a corrosion protector is not desired, we recommend Beruprotect concentrate. Beruprotect concentrate is an emulsion and available as an oily film and as a waxy film. In addition, the concentrates are water miscible. They can be applied both diluted and undiluted and form a stable film. Beruprotect concentrates have an operating temperature of +20 °C to +60 °C. The corrosion protective concentrates offer up to 9 to 12 months’ protection in internal storage. This depends on the application concentration.

Beruprotect corrosion protective oils

Do you have parts with small holes or hard-to-reach areas? Or just bulk materials like rods and tubes? Then use Beruprotect M oil, available in high and low viscosities. This corrosion protection oil has good creep properties. The lower the viscosity, the more fluid the oil is. This allows the oil to creep into all places, so that small holes are also protected against corrosion.

Beruprotect M high viscosities are better suited for bulk materials such as steel bars and tubes. Because these are large surfaces, a corrosion protective oil works more efficiently. Thanks to its good creep properties, the oil itself creeps over the large surface. Beruprotect with high viscosity offers better and longer surface protection thanks to its waxy coating. The higher the viscosity the thicker the corrosion protective layer. With internal storage, the high viscosity oils offer up to 6 to 12 months of protection. The high viscosity Beruprotect is also suitable for external storage. Depending on the viscosity, the corrosion protector offers up to 6 months’ protection.

Beruprotect sprays

Do the parts need extra-long protection in hard-to-reach places? Then choose Beruprotect sprays! With a spray, you can apply the corrosion protection very precisely. Thanks to the great creeping properties of the spray, the oily film also gets into small holes that are difficult to reach. The spray is available as an oily and waxy film. Beruprotect spray extends the service life of your machines and metal parts thanks to excellent corrosion protection.

Are you dealing with extreme conditions? Then use Beruprotect waxy spray. This spray has excellent adhesion properties and provides long-term corrosion protection for up to 2 years. The waxy spray is even suitable for saltwater environments.

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