Optimization and efficiency of processes are becoming increasingly important. This is due to the increasing demand for a higher degree of precision of parts, product quality and higher productivity. There is also a need for lower cost prices for semi-finished products, and we see more and more automated and smarter machines. All factors that affect your process and your cooling lubricants!

Applications of our metalworking fluids:

Our cooling lubricants promote the efficiency of your process through properties such as: excellent cooling effect, good corrosion protection, long service life, safe for environment and skin, etc.

  • High temperature and high pressure machining processes
  • High speed and high temperature machining processes
  • Maintenance of your machines and tools

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One supplier for all your metalworking fluids, convenient right? Schramme thinks so! With their unique 'one piece flow' production, Schramme has flexibility and stability high on the agenda. Wondering how FenS's metalworking fluids contribute to flexible and highly stable production?

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More efficient machining with quality (cooling) lubricants

To meet the trends in the metalworking industry, increasing efficiency and optimizing your metalworking process is necessary. You can read here how our (cooling) lubricants contribute to a more efficient machining process!

High temperature and high pressure machining processes

Turning, broaching, honing, deep drawing, bending and drilling involve high temperatures, high pressure and low speed. The challenge is to avoid too high temperatures and to ensure proper lubrication despite the high pressure of the process. This process can cause major damage to your tools and significantly reduce the life of your machine. And that, of course, is not what you want!

In addition, you must take into account excess metal chips in your process. If you do not ensure proper chip removal this will also cause damage to your machine. For these challenges we offer the product series Berucut, non-water miscible cooling lubricants from Bechem. Berucut has high quality EP additives and a good cooling and flushing capacity. This prevents damage to your tools!

High speed and high temperature machining processes

Milling, sawing and grinding are machining processes in which tool cooling plays the biggest role. These processes involve high speed and high temperatures. Corrosion is another aspect that you must take into account, because you want to prevent it at all costs!

In addition, you have to deal with regulations, safety, tool life and foaming, etc. Cooling lubricants must be free of Formaldehyde and friendly to the skin, but you don’t want bacteria in your cooling lubricant, do you?

Bechem Avantin water miscible cooling lubricants keep your process cool and provide excellent corrosion protection. They have an exceptionally long service life thanks to special additive technology. In addition, Bechem Avantin complies with laws and regulations, the water miscible cooling lubricants are free of Formaldehyde and free of either boron or amine.

Maintaining your machines and tools

Maintenance of your machine is the key to efficient production! For example, viscosity plays a major role in lubricating hydraulics. Oil that is too viscous or too fluid will cause your machine to jam and break down. This costs (unnecessary) time and money. With slideway oil, good anti-stick properties are important, because you want to avoid shocks. Also properties like good adhesion and strong protection against friction and wear are of great importance for good lubrication and preservation of your machine.

Bechem machine lubricants offer strong properties for long preservation of your machine! The lubricants have excellent lubricating properties, good protection against friction and wear, excellent adhesion and are corrosion inhibiting. The lubricants are tailored to the subsequent processes in the metalworking industry and help you optimize your process!