Beruform STO 533


Beruform STO 533 is a non-water miscible oil for punching, deep drawing, bending and demanding sheet metal forming operations.

Benefits Beruform STO 533

  • Chlorine free
  • Powerful AW/EP additive
  • High adhesion
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Beruform STO 533

Beruform STO 533 convinces due to its powerful additives against wear and extreme pressure. In addition, the oil is free of chlorine and chlorine-containing additives, this increases work safety. Beruform STO 533 is suitable for processing aluminium, stainless steel and steel. Not suitable for non-ferrous metals.

Product features Beruform STO 533

  • Chlorine free
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Balanced combination of AW and EP additives
  • High adhesion
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Beruform STO 533


200 L

Available in

Netherlands & Belgium


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