Water and solvent-based cleaning agents

Take advantage of the various precision cleaners for different types of contamination, Grade 2 cleanliness and a wide material compatibility! The range includes precision cleaners for vapour degreasing as well as ultrasonic cleaning and soaking baths.

Advantages of our precision cleaners

In addition to the high quality of the products, you can count on extensive technical support during your purchasing process.

  • Longer service life
  • High cleaning quality
  • High efficiency
  • Broad material compatibility thanks to wide product range

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Clean parts with one cleaning cycle

Improved cleaning quality and cost and time savings are the result of Deconex precision cleaners. The production process has gained in efficiency because the products now achieve the required cleanliness in one cleaning cycle.

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Meet our precision cleaners from deconex® and Opteon™

Switching to a new cleaning agent is not something you do easily, it’s full of insecurity and comes with a lot of costs. Yet it is important to keep a critical eye on your cleaning process and keep your eyes open for new product developments.

We offer you a wide range of precision cleaners that is continuously under development.

Water-based precision cleaners of deconex®

Cleaning without residues or meeting Grade 2 cleanliness standards? Meet deconex® water-based precision cleaners! The deconex® range consists of various product lines with a suitable precision cleaner for every industry. We’ll tell you more about the various industries later on in the text. The water-based precision cleaners are characterised by:

  • Residue-free cleaning
  • Longer service life
  • Less water consumption
  • More consistent results

deconex® HPC line for Grade 2 level cleanliness
The cleanliness requirements are becoming more and more stringent in the metalworking, semiconductor, vacuum and aerospace industries. Borer has therefore developed the High Purity Cleaning line, in order to meet these increasing requirements and achieve Grade 2 cleanliness.

deconex® HT for metal parts
Especially for cleaning metal parts, we offer you deconex® HT precision cleaners. The HT product line has good compatibility with various types of metals.

deconex® MC for moulds and tools
Cleaning parts with blind holes and hard-to-reach areas requires an adapted cleaner.If you clean with deconex® MC, you no longer need to dismantle your mould, because deconex® MC also reaches the blind holes of your mould and tools.

deconex® MT for medical devices
deconex® MT excels in its composition of ingredients. Because the precision cleaner is free of perfume, corrosion inhibitors and colourants, it is particularly suitable for cleaning medical devices such as prostheses.

deconex® OP for optics
Optical parts require different cleaning from, for example, metal parts. The cleaning method always depends on the following process. deconex® OP has been specially developed for cleaning polish pastes, fingerprints etc. prior to fine cleaning or coating

Solvent precision cleaning agents

Opteon™ is the brand name for our solvent precision cleaners for vapour degreasing. Opteon™ precision cleaners excel in their high solvent power, making them well suited for stubborn soiling.

In addition, Opteon™ solvent precision cleaners offer even more advantages:

  • Safe for you and safe to use
  • High cleaning quality
  • Cost effective
  • Broad material compatibility

Safe for you and safe to use
Most Opteon™ products are certified as ‘non-flammable’. Furthermore, the risk of harmful health effects is very low if exposure remains below the established limits.

High cleaning quality
Opteon™ precision cleaners contribute to a high level of cleanliness. This is due to Opteon’s high Kb value (103), high boiling point and residue-free cleaning performance.

Cost effective
The short cleaning cycle, fast drying and low water and electricity consumption ensure that you can save costs.

Broad material compatibility
The Opteon™ precision cleaners have a wide material compatibility. From various types of metals to plastics and elastomers.