Clean parts with one cleaning cycle

Ceratizit manages the entire cemented carbide production chain. From powder preparations to forming, sintering, finishing and surface treatment of parts. These include cutting tools, indexable inserts and rods made of hard materials.

Ceratizit’s “clean” challenge

Ceratizit’s products are subject to stringent requirements. The metal products require a high degree of cleanliness before coating, the next step in the machining process. However, the desired cleaning result was not achieved with the current cleaning agents. Ceratizit had to manually clean the products again before the products met the desired cleanliness for coating. This led to finding a cleaning agent that did work well. Since Ceratizit was already familiar with Deconex, they came to us.

One of the main challenges was that the products had to be “clean” in one cleaning cycle. “Clean” in this case means a certain level of cleanliness. If the products do not meet the required level of cleanliness, corrosion will occur or the coating will not adhere to the product properly. In addition, Ceratizit wanted a special packaging size because of their automatic dosage system.

The solution

We always start with a personal process proposal. Following the process proposal, we proposed the following precision cleaners: Deconex HT 1170, Deconex HT 1401, Deconex HT 1430 and Deconex 38 CU. To test the cleaners, we provided free equipment to Ceratizit for a number of weeks. In the meantime, we regularly evaluated the results of the tests together with our supplier Borer and Ceratizit and adjusted process parameters where necessary. Ultimately, we were able to achieve the desired degree of cleanliness with Deconex at Ceratizit in one cleaning run. And we were able to realize the special packaging size.

What does Ceratizit get from this?

Improved cleaning quality and cost and time savings are the result of Deconex precision cleaners. The production process has gained in efficiency because the products now achieve the required cleanliness in one cleaning cycle. Whereas the products previously required a second cleaning cycle, they can now proceed directly to the next processing step (coating).

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