Medical and precision mechanics

Precision mechanics (also fine mechanics) is the foundation of precision equipment for many different techniques and has become indispensable. Exceptionally narrow tolerances are one of the critical success factors when it comes to precision mechanical parts. But in addition, the trend of digitalisation continues unabated. Digital applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), drones, virtual reality (VR) and the internet of things improve quality and accuracy during the process.

Precision mechanical processes where our products can be found:

Lubricants and/or cleaners also play an important role in ensuring the accuracy of your precision equipment. You can read here how our lubricants and precision cleaners contribute to the accuracy and reproducibility of your process!

  • Cleaning of precision components
  • Lubrication of precision components

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Meet exceptionally narrow tolerances with the right process fluids

The precision mechanics industry is all about accuracy, reproducibility and stability. This is important because various precision mechanical parts are assembled into one complete part during a later stage. If one subcomponent deviates too much, it can no longer be assembled into the complete part. In both cleaning and lubrication, our products contribute to the accuracy, reproducibility and stability of your process!

Cleaning of precision parts

The impact and importance of cleanliness in the precision engineering industry is becoming even greater. This means that cleanliness requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, reproducibility more important and permissible tolerances even lower. And this does not only apply to the finished products, but starts at the beginning of the chain and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process. This requires a holistic approach.

ASML’s new cleanliness requirements under the name Grade 1 have an even tighter tolerance.

Cleanliness requirements and tolerances are one of the most important aspects to consider in your cleaning process. Because when you don’t achieve the right cleanliness, it causes problems in all subsequent steps in the process that cannot be solved later.
Consider stains that react when in contact with certain materials and fabrics or over-tolerances. ASML Grade 1 cleanliness requires a different approach than Grade 2 cleanliness. Cleanliness requirements will vary from client to client and will be leading for the approach to your cleaning process.

Want to know more about grade 1 and 2? Read more here>

But cleanliness is not achieved by just using the right chemistry, it is a complete work method that involves much more. Well-trained staff, cleaning baths, water quality, material compatibility, etc. are all aspects that play a role in the success of your cleaning.

We offer a wide range of aqueous precision cleaners, suitable for various materials and Grade 4 to Grade 1 cleanliness.

Lubrication of precision components


Various challenges are involved in the lubrication of precision components. It is most important at all times that precision parts maintain their exceptionally narrow tolerances and high accuracy. So you want to avoid friction and wear, as this interferes with the accuracy of the precision part.

In addition, you also have to consider the type and amount of lubricant. The lubricant should allow and not counteract a consistent movement. Too much oil or grease can interfere with accuracy and it may even cause the part to stop working.

Furthermore, you should also consider the durability of the lubricant. Because all individual precision parts form one complete part which cannot be easily taken apart for post-lubrication.

So important aspects to consider are the right lubricant, in the right amount with the right lifetime.

Our Fenslube®  PFPE solutions offer extremely durable lubrication. Post-lubrication is therefore no longer necessary. The fluorinated properties provide excellent protection, preventing wear and tear. Moreover, Fenslube®  PFPE solutions are available in various lubricant film thicknesses.