Vertrel™ SFR

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A precision chemical cleaning agent specially designed for electronic cleaning. Effective removal of tough, high temperature, lead-free and non-cleaned fluxes.

Benefits Vertrel™ SFR

  • Superior cleaning performance, Kb value of 101
  • Increased productivity due to fast drying
  • Compatible with most plastics, elastomers and metals
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Vertrel™ SFR

Vertrel™ SFR is ideal for ultrasonic vapor degreasing thanks to its nonflammable properties and low surface tension. Thanks to its low surface tension, the liquid cleans and penetrates well into small spaces. Suitable a wide range of contaminants including ionic contaminants.

Product features Vertrel™ SFR

  • Nonflammable
  • Good penetration and cleaning in confined spaces due to low surface tension
  • No surfactants required, residue free cleaning is promoted
  • No ozone depletion potential
More information

Vertrel™ SFR

Boiling point


Liquid density

1.28 KG/L

Kb value




Material compatibility

Common metals, plastics and elastomers


20,43 KG and 227 KG on request

Available in

The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg


Electronics and Semiconductor, Medical and precision mechanics


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