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Benefit from the Bechem system solution: personalized service in product and process optimization and a complete product range for all your treatment processes. From machine lubricants to cooling lubricants, cleaning agents and corrosion protectors.

Why use the Bechem total solution?

All Bechem lubrication solutions for metalworking are geared to one another, enabling you to achieve outstanding results and work more efficiently!

  • Longer service life of your machine/components
  • Products are widely applicable
  • All your products from one supplier
  • Coordinated products for better results
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One supplier for all your metalworking fluids, convenient right? Schramme thinks so! With their unique 'one piece flow' production, Schramme has flexibility and stability high on the agenda. Wondering how FenS's metalworking fluids contribute to flexible and highly stable production?

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Discover our range of metalworking fluids

Efficiency and safety play an important role in choosing the right (cooling) lubricant. Our complete product range for the metalworking industry offers a solution for every step in your machining process!

Machine lubricants

Machine lubricants from Bechem are available on a synthetic or mineral oil basis. The machine lubricants are characterized by their long service life, excellent protection against friction and wear, good resistance to high thermal loads and corrosion inhibition. In our range of machine lubricants, you will find spindle greases, hydraulic oils, gear oils, spindle oils and shale oils.

Water miscible and non-water-miscible cooling lubricants

BECHEM Avantin and Berufluid are the brand names of our water-miscible cooling lubricants, based on semi-synthetic and full-synthetic oils. BECHEM Avantin and Berufluid are always free of Fomaldehyde. Free of boron and/or Amine is also possible. Other advantages of BECHEM Avantin and Berufluid are:

  • Long service life
  • Resistant to high thermal loads
  • Excellent rinsing effect
  • Good anti-corrosion properties
  • Broadly applicable
  • Biostable
  • Friendly to skin and environment

Non-water-miscible cooling lubricants

In our shop you will find non-water-miscible cooling lubricants under the brand names Berucut and Beruform. Specially developed to protect your cutting tools from friction and wear and to reduce heat generation. Berucut is used for deep-hole drilling, broaching, threading, milling and turning. It is characterized by high load carrying capacity, good cutting performance, excellent flushing capability but is foam poor and has a significantly high viscosity index.

Beruform is suitable for cutting out, shaping and deep drawing. Beruform excels in its long service life due to high-quality additives and high surface finish during production. Most Beruform cooling lubricants are free of heavy metals and free of chlorine.

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Bechem cleaning agents and corrosion protectors

After machining, your parts need to be cleaned. For this we offer Beruclean. Beruclean cleaning agents consist of neutral cleaning agents, alkaline cleaning agents, acidic cleaning agents and solvent-based cleaning agents. For residue-free cleaning of all process liquids from all surfaces. Beruclean is geared up for the next process step corrosion protection. Some Beruclean’s offer cleaning and corrosion protection in one. Beruclean offers the following advantages:

  • Universally applicable
  • Excellent grease and dirt dissolving properties
  • No troublesome foaming, even in high-pressure applications
  • Good temporary corrosion protection
  • Low processing temperature
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Corrosion protection

The final step in the metalworking process consists of corrosion protection: Beruprotect! Beruprotect prevents corrosion to your treated metal parts during transport or storage. Beruprotect corrosion protection is available as thin film preservative, corrosion protection oil, water-soluble corrosion protection concentrate and as an easily applicable corrosion protection spray. Thanks to its unique composition of raw materials, Beruprotect offers important advantages:

  • Provides longer protection than competitive products
  • Free of aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Neutral in odor