Innover Cleaning Control

Precision cleaners for Grade 2 cleanliness

Innovar Cleaning Control is a High Tech company and part of IPS Technology. Innovar specializes in cleaning, assembly, qualification and cleanroom packaging and supply over 100 different customers. A large part of their customers belong to the supply chain of ASML and are from Europe and other continents worldwide.

The challenge called Grade 2

Innovar’s cleaning process and end products have to meet very high requirements. Grade 2 cleanliness is required for Innovar’s customers belonging to ASML’s supply chain. Grade 2 cleanliness is an ASML cleanliness standard for high quality precision parts. Innovar was therefore looking for a precision cleaner that would allow them to achieve Grade 2 cleanliness and remove contaminants such as coolant, oil, grease, fingerprints and dust particles. In addition, good material compatibility of the precision cleaner was also important. The material types of the precision parts that Innovar cleans range from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium to plastics such as PTFE and POM.

A machine supplier recommended FenS to Innovar. The service we offer in terms of testing and guidance really appealed to Innovar. That’s why Innovar chose FenS in 2012 as their supplier of precision cleaners.

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Finding the right solution

In order to make an appropriate process proposal, we test the contaminated precision parts in our supplier’s laboratory. This is because our supplier, Borer, has extensive machinery in terms of cleaning. During testing, the cleaning process of the customer (Innovar) is imitated as closely as possible. In order to achieve a similar result and a customer-specific proposed procedure to do. Based on these results, we provided Innovar with a proposed procedure and proposed the product Deconex HT 1511.

Following our proposal, Innovar tested the proposed product under our guidance in their cleaning machine, with positive results! In doing so, they used the precision cleaner provided free of charge. The use of Deconex HT 1511 enables Innovar to achieve Grade 2 cleanliness. “Thanks to Deconex HT 1511, we have a better (especially cleaner) end product,” says Chantal de Barse – Engelsman, Purchasing Manager at Innovar Cleaning Control.

“A trusting collaboration”

“We are very satisfied with the products delivered by FenS,” says Chantal de Barse – Engelsman. Innovar also experiences the technical support as “very pleasant”. “At the moment we run into things, we can always count on a technical and very cooperative company. Together we can look for solutions and possibly improved versions of the products,” says Chantal de Barse – Engelsman. Customer satisfaction is the common thread within FenS. We brainstorm with you and always do our best to offer a fitting solution.

In terms of service, we always want to give our customers a rapid and qualitative response. Whether this is an offer, a technical question or a rush order. Innovar agrees with this: “There is always a quick response to the emails. And even when it is urgent, it is always possible to arrange a quick shipment,” says Chantal de Barse – Engelsman.