Advice and implementation

Need support with your cleaning or production process? Or do you have a technical question about one of our products and would like some advice? Or would you like to receive an offer? One of our 10 product specialists will be happy to help and advise you! That’s because we always go beyond just distributing products. We give advice, help and support you in achieving your goals.

What does our advice and support consist of?

Thanks to our services, you gain more control over your process, cut costs and increase the quality of your product.

  • Advice on product selection, technical questions and applications
  • Client-specific proposed procedure
  • Complete product and safety information
  • Free products to test
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Precision cleaners for Grade 2 cleanliness

Grade 2 cleanliness is required for Innovar's customers belonging to ASML's supply chain. “At the moment we run into things, we can always count on a technical and very cooperative company. Together we can look for solutions and possibly improved versions of the products," says Chantal de Barse - Engelsman.

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What can you expect from our advice?

Our goal is to help you! Based on the technical analysis performed, we can give you appropriate advice and/or support you in the implementation. Curious about the possibilities? Read more about it here!

Advice on product selection, technical questions and applications

Need help with selecting a product? We always perform a technical analysis first to get a good idea of your needs and requirements. Based on the results, we write a product proposal. In doing so, we always aim to cut costs. How you wonder? By putting forward products with a long service life span, multifunctional properties and the right product, you achieve benefits such as:

  • Reduction in the number of products to be used (wide range of applications)
  • Lower consumption due to products with a longer service life
  • Better performance because of the right product for the right application
  • Reduced inventory due to fewer different products

We guide you in the implementation of your (cooling) lubricants and cleaners. We check whether all aspects of your process are correct, such as water quality, material tolerance, retention time, etc.

Technical questions
Have any questions about product specifications, applications or material compatibility? You will always receive an answer to your question from one of our 10 product specialists within 24 hours! With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, we have extensive technical expertise to answer your questions. And our expertise goes beyond our knowledge: we work closely with our suppliers and partners. Our knowledge – so yours too – is always evolving!

Client-specific proposed procedure

For lubrication:
We first conduct a technical analysis together with our independent partner. During this technical analysis your current production process is mapped out. Based on the outcome of the technical analysis, we draw up a lubrication plan. This lubrication plan gives you insight into all lubrication points in your production process, lubrication frequency, routing and quantity of lubricant. You will also receive advice on the right lubricants for the right application from our independent partner.

There are many benefits to a lubrication plan:

  • Efficiency: Thanks to the recommended routing, you lubricate more efficiently and quickly
  • Cutting costs: By maintaining the correct lubrication frequency and quantity of lubricant, you will never again lubricate too much or too little.
  • Overview: You have all lubrication points clearly mapped out
  • Quality: Independent advice on the right lubricant for the right application


For cleaning:
The client-specific proposed procedure for cleaning consists of a 7-step process. This process gives you insight into your current process, areas for improvement and how to monitor your cleaning process.

Step 1  Quality Specifications: List your requirements and conditions.

Step 2  Worst-case scenario: What are the most complex parts that need to be cleaned?

Step 3  Analysis: What requirements do your clients have in relation to the cleaning process/cleanliness?

Step 4  Development: We give your cleaning process a boost in our supplier’s test center. This test center has various cleaning processes so that we can optimally test which process and which product suits you best.

Step 5  Installation: The cleaning process is set up at your location by our supplier.

Step 6  Qualification: If desired, you can have residue analyses performed by our supplier for validation purposes.

Step 7  Monitoring: Measuring the process parameters such as water quality and cleaning concentrate.


The benefits of the 7-step process for cleaning are:

  • Quality and reproducibility: The right product for the right application by mimicking your cleaning process and performing tests
  • Cutting costs: By monitoring your liquids you know when to change your liquid/water. So you never use too much or too little liquid and your parts are clean in one cleaning run
  • Overview: Your cleaning process is clearly mapped out

Get an offer in no time

We are fast and flexible! We can send you an offer in no time. All your (technical) questions will be answered within 24 hours. You can always count on us!

Complete information on product and safety

Always prepared for an audit! You will receive the product and safety information together with the quotation. You can also download the product and safety information from the website at any time. So you always have up-to-date documentation.

Free products to test

You always receive free samples to test before you decide to do business with us. Of course you want to know what you are buying and test if the product does what it promises! If desired, we guide you through the implementation of the test products to achieve the highest possible result. Then we discuss the results of the test together and you decide whether the products meet your expectations!

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