Machine oils

Discover Bechem’s lubrication solutions: specially developed for all machine components in the metalworking industry. Available on the basis of mineral or synthetic oil.

Benefits of Bechem machine lubricants:

Extend the service life of your tools and achieve optimum performance with BECHEM machine lubricants, thanks to their key benefits:

  • Tailored to the subsequent processes
  • Good protection against friction and wear
  • Resistant to high thermal loads
  • Corrosion inhibiting
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‘An oxygen-safe partnership with The Gas Professionals’

For Nippon Gases, safety is priority number one, this brings stringent requirements with it when it comes to lubricants in oxygen-rich environments. With our PFPE lubricants, we contribute to safety in the processing of gases and oxygen. Curious about which products Nippon Gases uses? You can read it here!

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Discover our different machine lubricants

BECHEM machine oils are part of the total solution. The lubricants are tailored to the subsequent steps in the metalworking process and contribute to an extended service life of your parts. Get to know the different types of machine oils and their benefits here.

Greases for metalworking machines

Discover the Bechem spindle greases based on full-synthetic and semi-synthetic oil. The greases are specially developed for high speed applications. For example, for lubricating ball bearings in machine tool spindles, spindle bearings, electric motor and fan bearings and so on. The machine greases have the following advantages:

  • Good spinning start behavior
  • Low temperature development
  • Provides lifetime lubrication at highest speed
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Good pumpability
  • Offers excellent protection against wear and corrosion

Oils for metalworking machines

Choose from the various Bechem machine oils based on mineral oil. The oils are part of the Bechem system solution: all products for the entire production process coordinated and from one supplier. It is practical and also more efficient!

Hydraulic oils

For lubricating hydraulics, we offer BECHEM Staroil (type HLP). This mineral oil is available in various viscosities, from 10 to 68. BECHEM Staroil oils are characterized by an excellent viscosity/temperature ratio and are zinc free. Thanks to its unique composition of additives, the oil offers benefits such as:

  • High thermal stability
  • Good resistance to oxidation
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion
  • Excellent air and water separation capacity

Gear oils

BECHEM Staroil G (type CLP) is a gear oil and suitable for the lubrication of helical, bevel and planetary gears, worm gears and bevel gears. BECHEM Staroil G is a mineral oil, available in viscosities from 100 to 680. The oil is characterized by:

  • Excellent protection against wear
  • Good aging resistance
  • Excellent air and water separating properties
  • Longer oil drain intervals
  • Good load carrying capacity

Spindle oils

BECHEM Spindle Oil 2 is a non-water-miscible mineral oil. Suitable for lubricating fast rotating machine spindles, hydraulic spindle presses and machine tools with plain and rolling bearings. Benefits of BECHEM Spindle Oil 2 are:

  • Good cooling and lubrication
  • Effective water separation
  • Free of acid and chlorine
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Not resinous

Slideway oils

Need to lubricate slideways and gears in machines and machining centers? Meet BECHEM Staroil CGLP MF. Mineral-based slideway oil, available in viscosities from 32 to 220. The BECHEM Staroil CGLP series boasts strong properties:

  • Optimal adhesion to slide and guide rails
  • Very good ageing resistance
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • Free of chlorine and heavy metals
  • Excellent water release properties
  • Good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties
  • Good separation between slideway oil and cooling lubricant