Oxygen and gases

Safety and oxygen tolerance are key concerns in the oxygen and gas industry. Aggressive chemicals, oxygen, reactive gases and high temperatures make lubrication and cleaning difficult in oxygen-rich environments. Therefore, all lubricants and precision cleaners must meet stringent requirements.

Reduce risks in oxygen processes such as:

Discover our oxygen-safe lubricants and precision cleaners Fomblin® PFPE, Fomlube and Vertrel MCA. Fully oxygen compatible so you can work safely without the risk of explosions.

  • Lubrication of vacuum and cryogenic parts
  • Oxygen cleaning

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Increase safety and stability in oxygen-rich environments

Safety and oxygen compatibility are most important. But in addition, you also have to deal with high pressure, extreme temperatures and aggressive chemicals in your process. Factors that influence the choice of your lubricant.

Lubrication of vacuum and cryogenic components

Lubricating vacuum pumps and components in oxygen rich environments is challenging. You have to deal with explosion hazards, high pressure and extreme temperatures. In addition, you cannot use conventional lubricants such as synthetic or mineral oil. Oxygen and aggressive gases can spontaneously combust without an ignition source when they come into contact with conventional oil or grease.

Of course, you want to avoid these risks, which is why you need an oxygen-safe lubricant. Fomblin PFPE and Fomlube PFPE are fluorinated and as a result oxygen tolerant. In addition to industrial applications, Fomblin PFPE and Fomlube PFPE are also suitable as lubricants for diving equipment.

Fomblin PFPE and Fomlube PFPE oxygen-safe lubricants increase the safety and stability of your process by:

  • Inert to oxygen
  • Extremely wide temperature range
  • Unequalled resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Does not react with plastics, elastomers and metals
  • Non-flammable
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative resistance
  • Also suitable as a lubricant for diving equipment

Oxygen cleaning

Quality and safety are the most important aspects in oxygen processes. Contaminants in oxygen rich processes pose a serious risk for explosions. To prevent this, components must be treated oxygen clean (O2 clean). During this cleaning, contaminants such as cutting oil, hydraulic oil, mineral oil, grease, etc. are removed and the risk of self-ignition is reduced. Oxygen cleaning (O2 clean) requires a special cleaning agent that must meet a number of requirements:

  • Oxygen tolerant
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • High cleaning effect
  • Cleaning agent must be easily removable
  • Good compatibility with metal and other materials

Especially for oxygen cleaning, we offer Vertrel MCA: a solvent-based precision cleaner that meets all the requirements for O2 clean.

Vertrel MCA proves its qualities by:

  • Being included to Compressed Gas Association (CGA) in the list of cleaners for oxygen use;
  • Meeting impact test for liquid oxygen according to ASTM method.
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