PFPE fluids

Do you deal with high temperatures/heat and want to be able to manage this heat? Then meet Galden® PFPE thermal fluids.

Benefits of Galden® PFPE thermal fluids

Galden® is an inert fluorinated fluid suitable for a wide variety of processes and operating temperatures in electronics environments.

  • Extremely wide temperature range (-70°C to +290°C)
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Chemically stable
  • Nonflammable

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Discover the different types of Galden®

Galden® is available as heat transfer fluid, test fluid, solvent and vapor phase solder.

Galden® heat transfer fluids

Galden® HT PFPE fluids designed to manage very high and low temperature applications. Galden® HT PFPE fluids offer a wide range of operating temperatures from -70°C to 290°C. Heat transfer processes can be accurately managed due to the wide range of boiling points. In addition, Galden® HT fluids possess low evaporation losses compared to similar competitive products. All these advantages combined ensure optimum process performance.

Galden® delivers high performance particularly in aggressive conditions. The fluid owes this to its inert and chemically inert nature. Galden® HT PFPE liquids are also characterized by good dielectric properties, which make contact with electronics possible. This makes the fluids very suitable for use in processes in the semiconductor, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

You don’t have to worry about safety. Galden® HT PFPE is nontoxic, has no flash or fire point and no self-ignition or explosion hazard.

Galden® as vapor phase solvent

The Galden® LS and HS PFPE liquids have been developed especially for vapor phase soldering. Galden® LS/HS PFPE liquids are lead-free, so RoHS compliant, and meet the requirements of manufacturers of electronic equipment. European manufacturers of electronic devices are obliged to produce and supply lead-free products. Lead is harmful to the environment and the human body.

The LS/HS series can withstand higher processing temperatures (up to 260°C). They offer the widest temperature range for lead-free soldering. Overheating during soldering is prevented thanks to the precise vapor temperature of Galden® LS/HS PFPE.

Galden® LS/HS PFPE is safe to use at high temperatures because the products do not have a flash, flame or self-ignition point, nor an explosion hazard. Also, Galden® LS/HS PFPE is not harmful to the human body because the products are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Galden® as a carrier fluid and solvent

Meet Galden® SV solvents. A PFPE-based carrier fluid and solvent with a wide range of boiling points, from 55°C to 80°C. The fluids are safe to use because the products are nonflammable and nontoxic. Also, the fluids are not harmful to the ozone layer. Galden® SV has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0 and contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), chlorine, bromine and iodine.

In addition, Galden® SV solvents are compatible with many types of rubber, elastomers, plastics and all types of metals. Also, the fluids are miscible with PFPE oils & greases, perfluorocarbon fluids, and chlorotrifluoroethylene oils above 45°C. Galden® SV solvent is ideally suited for dissolving or removing Fomblin® and Fomlube® lubricants.

Galden® as a test fluid

Need a suitable fluid for performing thermal shock tests and hermetic seal tests? Then discover the possibilities of Galden® D test fluids.

The test fluids are characterized by their high dielectric strength and excellent electrical resistivity. As a result, there is no risk of short circuits, and damage to sensitive electronics is prevented. Galden® test liquids are completely safe to use, even at high temperatures. The reason for this is because the fluids do not have a flash, flame or self-ignition point, also there is no explosion hazard. In this way the safety of your staff and production process is guaranteed.

The test liquids are thermally and chemically stable, corrosion or reaction with the construction materials is prevented. You also do not have to fear formation of decomposition residues, because Galden® test liquids are compatible with many materials.

Cut costs with single fluids?

One fluid for thermal shock testing in both hot and cold baths? This is possible with Galden® D02TS and Galden® D03! One fluid for two different baths offers cost reduced benefits:

  • Less fluid consumption
  • Less downtime of the equipment
  • Fewer different products in stock
  • Eliminate cross-contamination
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