Poppies master baker

Lubricants that last 3 times as long

Poppies, a bakery since 1935 in all kinds of delicacies such as cookies, pastries and desserts. The products are prepared skillfully and with care to ensure the highest quality. Most of their products are exported abroad.

The challenge

The requirements in the food industry have become increasingly strict. For Poppies it also became increasingly important and necessary to use food-grade lubricants and to have all product documentation in order. Not all lubricants used at Poppies were NSF H1 approved, so the company had to switch to a new supplier with a total package of food-grade lubricants in 2017.

In addition, Poppies values a reliable and honest supplier that does what it promises. That’s how Poppies ended up with us. “The big picture appealed to us at FenS, the lubrication folder in which everything is up to date” says Peter de Zeeuw, Technical Service Assistant at Poppies.

*A “lubrication folder” contains all the relevant documentation on lubricants, such as product and safety documents.

For many years supplier of

The solution

For Poppies, we created a product proposal with only NSF H1 approved products and provided all relevant documentation. This ensures that all strict requirements in the food industry are met. In addition, we always offer (free) samples to test our food-grade products in the production process. Poppies first tested the products, with positive results.

After a successful implementation of the lubricants at Poppies, in the course of the relationship, all lubricants where necessary were replaced by food-grade lubricants from the Bechem range. Even with new products, we always ensure that Poppies is provided with all the necessary documentation such as product and safety information, allergen statements and so on. “We didn’t have to call afterwards, like: hey listen, do we need information? The complete documentation was delivered to us directly,” says Peter de Zeeuw.

Annual oil analysis

To ensure the quality of our oils, we offer Poppies the opportunity to perform a free annual oil analysis. By doing an oil analysis we monitor the fluid properties, the influence of possible contaminants present and any wear and tear of machine (parts) with the end result being an efficient production process. The results of the oil analyses at Poppies show that the oil does not need to be replaced after 2 years. Where Poppies used to change the oil every year, the oil from FenS can now be used for the third year.

“Our experience with the FenS technical support is good. I usually call Erik because he is my contact person; if he isn’t there, I can call the office. They always make sure someone can help me,” according to Peter de Zeeuw.


Poppies aims to achieve the highest possible score during their food safety audits, which take place annually. We support Poppies in this by ensuring that all products are NSF H1 approved and that all documentation is always up to date. In combination with open and clear communication, we strive for a long-term relationship with Poppies. Poppies experiences FenS as a good and reliable company. “They are always there for their customers,” says Peter de Zeeuw. “I hope to have a relationship with FenS for many years to come.”