Food and pharma

Food safety according to the rules of Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) is one of the critical factors for success in your production process. But efficiency and various operating conditions such as extreme temperatures also play a major role. All aspects that you must take into account when choosing the right lubricant. Our food-grade lubricants contribute to the optimization of your production process. Want to know how?

Industries in which our food-grade lubricants are used:

Our food-grade lubricants contribute to a food-safe and optimized production process. The NSF-H1 certified products are used in industries such as:

  • Bakeries, pastries & confectioneries
  • Meat processing
  • Beverage
  • Animal feed
  • Pharmaceuticals
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Meeting stringent food safety requirements and produce more efficiently?

As a producer in the food industry, food safety is priority number one. A contamination endangers the health of the consumer and is very costly. Of course you want to prevent this. In addition, sustainability and efficiency are also becoming increasingly important. Are you curious how our food-grade products can anticipate the trends in your industry? Read all about it here!

Bakeries, pastries & confectioneries

In addition to food safety and hygiene, you naturally have to deal with a variety of extreme conditions. High oven temperatures, low freezer temperatures or caramelization of sugar on conveyor belts require quality lubricants.

Our range of food-grade lubricants all have an NSF-H1 certificate. We also offer lubricants with a wide temperature range and a special solvent for removing caramelized sugars.

Meat Processing

The meat processing industry has extreme conditions. The low temperatures in cold rooms and aggressive caustic cleaning agents create challenges when it comes to lubricating parts in this environment. Rust formation is something you obviously want to prevent! This requires lubricants with a low temperature range, anti-corrosion properties and resistance to leaching.

Food-grade lubricants from Bechem offer a wide selection of lubricants with long service life, good anti-corrosion properties, high wear protection and wide temperature ranges.


In the beverage production process, you have to deal with liquid (caustic) ingredients, temperature differences between production site and storage, high speeds and extreme pressure during packaging filling, for example. You want to prevent corrosive ingredients from causing rust or damage to your machine. Aspects that influence the choice of your lubricants. Because if your lubricants cannot withstand high pressure, for example, wear and tear will occur on your machine. Wear means more maintenance; therefore, more downtime for your production process, which eventually costs money!

Food-grade Bechem protect your machinery from liquid (corrosive) ingredients by providing high load carrying capacity, excellent corrosion protection, good water resistance and resistance to aggressive substances. By using the right lubricant for the right application your parts are better protected against wear. Less wear means less maintenance, which means cost savings!

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Animal nutrition

The production process of animal feed involves, among other things, high temperatures, high pressure and steam. In the mixer, steam is used to improve the digestibility and compressibility of the feed. This machine is subject to high temperatures and a humid environment, due to the steam. To prevent parts of the mixer from being damaged by the heat or from rusting due to the humidity of the steam, the lubricant must be resistant to high temperatures and possess anti-corrosion properties.

Another example is the pressing of the feed; this is done with a lot of pressure. It is important that your lubricant has a high carrying capacity, in order to prevent damage from friction.

The range of Bechem food-grade lubricants provides for these conditions. The products offer a high temperature range, thermal resistance and very high load carrying capacity.


As a manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry, you face great pressure to produce medicines of quality. In addition to the many strict requirements and legislation for good manufacturing practice (GMP), reproducibility and continuity of your process is priority number one. Food safety is also an important aspect. But you also have to deal with high and low temperatures and friction in your production process. You are looking for a lubricant that is reliable and food safe, but also able to withstand all conditions in your production process.

Bechem food-grade lubricants are characterized by their high quality and long service life. With these properties, the lubricants contribute to the quality and continuity of your production process. In addition, all products are NSF-H1 certified and have a wide temperature range and good anti-wear properties. Thus, the lubricants meet food safety requirements and various conditions in the production process. Very advantageous properties for use in the pharmaceutical industry!

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