Who is FenS?

FenS is located in Goes, the Netherlands. We are an international supplier of high-quality lubricants and fluids, precision cleaning agents and metalworking fluids. With a team of 13 motivated specialists, we will take care of all your worries. We make sure you receive your order on time and we do our utmost to answer all your questions and offer you technical support where necessary.

Your specialized partner

Your specialized, reliable partner in the field of lifetime lubrication, precision cleaning and metalworking fluids. We offer a wide range of high-quality products. Efficiency, quality and minimized costs are central to this.

30 years of experience

Our company was founded in 1990. With 30 years of knowledge and experience, we have the necessary extensive technical know-how. As a customer of FenS, you benefit daily from this expertise and our best-fit solutions.

Support for all your technical questions

Do you have questions about product specifications, are you looking for a suitable product for your application, or would you like to receive technical support? We are happy to help! We will analyze your machining process and look for the right solution for your application. We always strive for a more efficient production process with high-quality products and a way to minimize your maintenance costs.

Flexible and service oriented

The words quality, flexibility and service are central to our daily operations. This allows you to enjoy an excellent price-quality ratio on a daily basis. By acting quickly and communicating clearly, we try to give you the best possible service. We believe in a valuable relationship with our customers and work every day to realize this.

More than 5000 products in stock

Get your order on time! With more than 5000 products in stock at our warehouse in Goes, we can deliver your order quickly.


We are at your service

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Marianna Puyk

General Manager
FenS -

Ralph Bergshoef

Sales Manager
FenS - Personeel FenS Jason

Jason de Vaal

FenS - Personee FenS_Erik

Erik van Eldijk

FenS -

Werner Sanfrinnon


As the General Manager, one of my most important tasks is to ensure that our team functions optimally. An important ambition of our company is that all employees are involved, skilled and enjoy working together for the company. There is room for development and training. After all, the growth of the employee helps the organization grow.

For me as the Sales Manager, the customer and customer solutions are central. Because of the short lines of communication in our company, we can act quickly and where necessary brainstorm together to be able to offer the right solution. Our relatively young and engaged team helps wherever they can, helping each other with the ultimate goal of giving the customer the best possible advice. A lot of attention is paid to having fun working in which open communication (open, honest, integrity, respect) is central, and there is plenty of room for personal responsibility.

I am responsible for the sale of lubricants in the northern region of the Netherlands. I help companies find the right food-grade lubricants for their specific application(s). Customer satisfaction is my top priority. Through clear communication and with a touch of humor, I make sure the process runs smoothly. I enjoy working at FenS because of the pleasant colleagues and good organization that FenS is.

I am responsible for the sale of lubricants in the south of the Netherlands. Working at FenS is so much fun for me because we can act quickly in this small and pleasant team, so can really help our customers.

At FenS, I am responsible for the lubricants for the food sector in Belgium. The nice thing about working at FenS is the short lines with colleagues and the fact that our customers can also go to internal colleagues for all their questions.

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Steven Rousseau

FenS - Personeel FenS_Andre

André van Dijk

FenS -

Christian van Est

FenS -


Communications Officer
FenS -

Mirjam Hordijk

Finance Manager

I am responsible for the sale of lubricants and cooling lubricants in Belgium. For the past 18 years, I have gained a lot of experience about cooling lubricants and cleaning in the metalworking industry. I’m very much looking forward to maintaining the existing and future relations of FenS and to assist them with advice and practical action. Customer satisfaction and service are of paramount importance to me.

As account manager metalworking NL, I am responsible for advising customers and selling cooling lubricants, cleaning and corrosion protection products. Customer satisfaction and service are very important to me. After more than 15 years of experience in the petrochemical industry, I am now working on this new market for FenS together with an enthousiastic and great team.

I am responsible for precision cleaning in the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium region. Customer focus and appropriate solutions are at the centre of this. The team works together every day for outstanding customer satisfaction, which makes working at FenS challenging and fun.

Will you become our new colleague?

As the one responsible for the entire financial administration, I am the administrative hub of the company. Making various financial reports, which the management works from, is one of my most important tasks. The fact that everyone is prepared to answer my colleagues’ questions and to help each other when necessary is what makes working at FenS so much fun.

FenS - Personeel FenS_Myrna

Myrna Redeman

Teamleader Inside Sales & Marketing
FenS -

Rachelle Geschiere

Sales Coördinator
FenS -

Elina Burova

Sales Coördinator
FenS -

André de Waard

FenS -

Helma Simons


I mainly support the field service. A fun and versatile job where no day is the same. My activities range from answering the phone of customers or potential customers, answering technical questions and sending offers, to administrative work and maintaining relationships with customers worldwide. In addition, I get the opportunity to introduce new ideas with which I can continuously challenge and improve myself and the company. The relatively small team ensures that the lines of communication are short and the contact with colleagues is personal. Overall, FenS is a great company to work for, to further develop yourself and to learn something new every day.Het relatief kleine team zorgt ervoor dat de lijnen kort zijn en het contact met collega’s persoonlijk is. Kortom, FenS is een leuk bedrijf om te werken, jezelf te ontwikkelen en elke dag weer iets nieuws leert.

FenS consists of a small team, where all employees are closely connected and work together. The personal atmosphere, the various things I have to do and the room for individual ideas and initiatives makes working at this company, in my opinion, incredibly fun, instructive and challenging!

Working at FenS is an experience where no day is the same. the Diversity of work in my job makes it a fun and varying job. I really like the mutual atmosphere and short lines of communication; everyone is willing to help each other and that is a great starting point for helping customers as good and efficiently as possible.

There is plenty of room for both personal and business development which is very motivating.

As the Procurement Officer, I am responsible for developing and implementing procurement policies. It is my role to build and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers. Working at FenS gives me energy because the willingness to cooperate in the team is enormous. This atmosphere is key to FenS success.

As the housekeeper, it is my responsibility to keep the office clean and tidy. I also fulfill the role of hostess and receive all visitors at FenS. I provide everyone with coffee and tea and make sure a fresh lunch is served every day. No one should be lacking anything. The great colleagues and the good atmosphere is what makes working at FenS so much fun!

FenS - Personeel Them Janssen

Them Janssen

Logistic Administrator

As Logistic Administrator, I am responsible for all the incoming and outgoing goods. A wide range of products are shipped all over the world. I also process all the warehouse administration.
What I like about my job is the variety, the short communication lines and the close-knit team.

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