Water miscible cooling lubricants

Experience the benefits of our semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic water-miscible cooling lubricants. The BECHEM Avantin series and Berufluid series possess excellent cooling properties, even at extremely high temperatures. The cooling lubricants are always free of Formaldehyde. Boron and/or Amine free is also possible.

Benefits of BECHEM Avantin and Berufluid

Just a few of the many benefits our water-miscible cooling lubricants offer:

  • Resistant to high thermal loads
  • Longer service life
  • Free of Formaldehyde, Boron and/or Amine
  • Biostable
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Friendly to skin and environment

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Wondering how you can save on your maintenance expenses?

BECHEM Avantin & Berufluid enable you to reduce your product consumption and lower your maintenance expenses. Thanks to the strong properties of our Bechem cooling lubricants, you save costs and enjoy excellent lubrication and cooling performance.

Economical in use because of:

Good protection of your tools
Both BECHEM Avantin and Berufluid offer excellent cooling properties, even at extremely high temperatures. In addition, both series have good corrosion protection, so parts do not rust. Furthermore, the good lubricating properties of BECHEM Avantin and Berufluid ensure extended service life. All these properties together ensure that wear on your tools due to too high temperatures, poor lubrication or rusting is avoided. And it saves you on your maintenance expenses.

Suitable for a wide range of applications
Water-miscible cooling lubricants can be used in a wide range of applications. You can use one product for several applications. This reduces the number of products in use and saves on costs and storage.

Good flushing properties with less drag
The cooling lubricants do not stick so almost no coolant remains on your work piece. This results in less lubricant loss, a clean machine and lower expenditure.

Long service life of cooling lubricant
BECHEM Avantin and Berufluid have a very long service life, provided the cooling lubricants are properly maintained. This results in less product usage and cuts costs because the products need to be replaced less often.

Biostable and friendly to environment and skin

BECHEM Avantin is free of Formaldehyde, boron and/or Amine. Both cooling lubricants are biostable and prevent formation of bacteria and fungi when the proper concentration level is maintained (7%).

The cooling lubricants have good skin tolerance and are environmentally friendly. Berufluid is safe to use because it is not a fire or explosion hazard.

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