Berufluid AS 1006

SKU: AS1006

Berufluid AS 1006 is a water-soluble coolant and free of mineral oil and formaldehyde. Suitable for forming, grinding and general machining processes.

Benefits Berufluid AS 1006

  • Free of mineral oil
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Very good foam behavior
  • Good bio stability
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Berufluid AS 1006

The water-soluble coolant Berufluid AS 1006 excels in its excellent foaming behaviour and very good rinsing properties. In addition, the coolant ensures longer tool life. AS 1006 is suitable for operations with aluminium, cast iron and steel.

Product features Berufluid AS 1006

  • Free from nitrite
  • Free from boron and FAD
  • Longer tool life
  • Very good foam behavior
  • Very good rinsing properties
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Berufluid AS 1006

Suitable material

Aluminium, Cast iron, Steel


20 L

Available in

Netherlands & Belgium


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