BECHEM Avantin 404 HM

SKU: 404HM

Fully synthetic water miscible cooling lubricant for grinding hard metal materials with high performance as a result.

Benefits BECHEM Avantin 404 HM

  • Free of boron and formaldehyde
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Low foaming
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BECHEM Avantin 404 HM

With BECHEM Avantin 404 HM you achieve excellent surface qualities, and your part is well protected against corrosion. The full-synthetic formulation is inhibited against dissolution of cobalt and has high dirt holding capacity. Suitable for grinding hard metals in tool manufacturing

Product features BECHEM Avantin 404 HM

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Very good surface qualities
  • Inhibition against cobalt leaching
  • Neutral odor
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BECHEM Avantin 404 HM

Mixing ratio


Corrosion protection limit

4% w/w


18 KG and 180 KG on request

Available in

Netherlands and Belgium


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