Berulub GD 50 H1 spray

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Food-grade rust remover for loosening stuck screws, bolts, hinges and machine parts in the food industry

Benefits Berulub GD 50 H1 spray

  • NSF-H1 registered
  • Excellent rust removal
  • Good creeping properties
  • No resin buildup
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Berulub GD 50 H1 spray

Berulub GD 50 spray is a rust dissolver with additional lubricating and anti-corrosive properties. Thanks to its excellent creeping properties, it also removes rust in hard-to-reach places.

Product features Berulub GD 50 H1 spray

  • Good lubrication and anti-corrosion properties
  • Excellent penetration
  • Free of allergens
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Berulub GD 50 H1 spray


H1 en Halal


12 x 400 ml

Available in

Netherlands and Belgium


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