You can always count on us, even after buying your product. Your process has been running for a while but you still run into things or you’re missing something. You can always rely on us for tools such as grease guns and taps or a product training!

What does our aftercare consist of?

Services that further facilitate or optimize your process, you’ll find them here!

  • Interim process parameter monitoring
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Update of your personal proposed procedure
  • Product training
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You can also count on us after the sale!

Did you find out only after a while that something was missing? Or are you still facing bottlenecks? Even then you can count on our support! With tools, training courses or interim monitoring of process parameters, we will help you in further optimizing your process.

Interim process parameter monitoring

Of cooling lubricants
After your cooling lubricants have been implemented, your representative will visit you on a regular basis, free of charge, for a small check. He then measures the process parameters, such as concentration and PH value, to monitor the process fluid. It is important that the process parameters are monitored regularly. If this does not happen and the concentration gets too low, for example, corrosion or bacterial growth can occur. This is detrimental to your process and we want to prevent this from happening!


Of lubricants
Your own representative regularly comes to check on the state of affairs. By staying in contact and communicating clearly, we can quickly respond to important aspects within your production process. In addition, we offer you a free oil analysis every year. That way you know exactly what the quality of your oil is. This is how we bring out the best in your production process, even after sale and implementation!


Of cleaning agents
After the implementation of your cleaning agents, you can still count on our help! Your representative will contact you regularly to discuss how things are going. In addition, we offer you the possibility to test the concentration of your cleaning agent and the water quality. By monitoring your cleaning agents and water, we can make targeted adjustments and increase the cleaning quality!

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Update your personal proposed procedure

Lubrication plan:
Due to expansion of production lines or changes in requirements, your lubrication plan can become outdated. An outdated lubrication plan no longer provides efficiency and should therefore be updated! Together with our partner, we go through your process and update your lubrication plan. This gives you insight into all lubrication points, lubrication frequency, amount of lubricant to be used and advice on the right lubricant.


Cleaning plan
Due to stricter requirements in your process, it may be that your cleaning plan is no longer fully adequate. Or due to other types of contamination and new types of materials that need to be cleaned, you no longer achieve the desired result.

That’s why we stay in contact, so that we can quickly detect changes in your cleaning process and respond to them. In case of major changes in the cleaning process we review your personal proposed procedure and adjust for the desired result.

Lubrication systems

You can also buy grease guns, drain valves, automatic lubrication systems, etc. from us! They make lubrication easier and you can lubricate much more precisely and accurately. This way you also minimize consumption costs!

Product training

Come and learn all about lubrication!

Want to learn how to lubricate smarter and always be up to date with the latest trends? You’ll learn all about it in our training courses!

During our training courses, you will learn more about the products, how to use the lubricants safely and correctly, and tips and tricks for lubricating more efficiently. The training is tailored to the challenges in your plant and can take place at any desired location. But what do you get out of it?


– Higher productivity: more knowledge and staff involvement

– Practical: immediate implementation of acquired knowledge

– Process reliability: improvement of your machine availability

– Cost efficiency: higher yield


Learn all about your own cleaning process!

How do you achieve the right cleanliness, how exactly does your cleaning process work and how can you adjust your process when necessary? All these questions are answered in our training on cleaning!


The training is tailored to your specific cleaning process and can take place at any desired location. This way we teach you everything about your own cleaning process so you can do all the cleaning yourself and meet the desired cleanliness.

What advantage does this offer you?


– Higher productivity: more knowledge and staff involvement

– Practical: immediate implementation of acquired knowledge

– Process reliability: improvement of your cleaning process and the cleanliness achieved

– Cost efficiency: higher yield

  • Cut costs: up to 75% cheaper than buying new oil
  • Reduced costs for disposal of liquid waste
  • Environmentally friendly: reduction in the amount of oil to be disposed of
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