deconex® HPC 2602

SKU: HPC2602

Strong water-based acid cleaning concentrate for removing stains, oxide layers and discolorations. Suitable for Grade 1 and Grade 2 cleaning.

Benefits deconex® HPC 2602

  • Suitable for Grade 1 and Grade 2 cleaning
  • Free from colorants
  • Water-based liquid cleaner
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deconex® HPC 2602

deconex® HPC 2602 is suitable for easy removal of the widest variety of surface discrepancies that lead to deviations and therefore rejection in the vacuum industry, semiconductor manufacturing and aerospace technology. These include surface defects such as stains, oxide layers and annealing colours. deconex® HPC 2602 has been specially developed to meet ASML cleanliness requirements Grade 1 and Grade 2

Product features deconex® HPC 2602

  • Can be used in manual and automated processes
  • For the treatment of aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metals
  • Effortlessly removes discrepancies such as stains
  • Surface properties remain unchanged
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deconex® HPC 2602

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