deconex® HPC 1307

SKU: HPC12307

Neutral precision cleaning agent specially developed to achieve ASML Grade 2 cleanliness in the vacuum and semiconductor industry.

Benefits deconex® HPC 1307

  • Residue-free cleaning
  • Suitable for Grade 2 cleaning
  • Manually and mechanically applicable
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deconex® HPC 1307

To meet Grade 2 cleanliness, deconex® HPC 1307 has been developed. HPC 1307 cleans without leaving any residue and delivers reproducible cleaning results. The precision cleaning agent has broad material compatibility and is free of dyes, silicates and surfactants. Suitable for cleaning in vacuum, spray, and immersion processes and closed and open systems.

Product features deconex® HPC 1307

  • Free of dyes, silicates and surfactants
  • Non-foaming in spray cleaning systems
  • Reproducible cleaning
  • Suitable for high spraying pressures
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deconex® HPC 1307

pH value


Material compatibility total

Aluminium, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyamide and polycarbonate

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10 KG


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