deconex® HPC 1311

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Mild alkaline precision cleaning agent with reproducible cleaning result for Grade 2 cleaning.

Benefits deconex® HPC 1311

  • Residue-free cleaning
  • Suitable for Grade 2 cleaning
  • Manually and mechanically applicable
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deconex® HPC 1311

deconex® HPC 1311 offers validated cleaning results and is well tolerated with various types of metals. The HPC 1311 cleans effectively and residue free, and is free of dyes and surfactants. It can be used manually or mechanically and is suitable for use in the vacuum industry, semiconductor products and aerospace technology.

Product features deconex® HPC 1311

  • Non-foaming in spray cleaning systems
  • Free of colorants and surfactants
  • Suitable for use at high spray pressures
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deconex® HPC 1311

pH value


Material compatibility total

Aluminium, chrome steel, precious metals, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and titanium

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