Beruprotect DW 12 V


Solvent-based corrosion protection fluid. Can be applied by dipping, spraying or rolling.

Benefits Beruprotect DW 12 V

  • Free of aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Excellent dewatering properties
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Beruprotect DW 12 V

Beruprotect DW 12 V compensates for the penetration of acids after galvanic processes by creating a thin, Vaseline-like and stable film on the part. The corrosion protector is adapted to Bechem’s Beruclean cleaning system. Suitable for preservation during storage and corrosion protection during transport.

Product features Beruprotect DW 12 V

  • Compensates for acid penetration after galvanic processes
  • Almost odorless
  • Forms a thin, Vaseline-like and stable film
  • Tuned to the BECHEM Beruclean cleaning system
More information

Beruprotect DW 12 V

Corrosion protection

15 cycles

Viscosity base oil at 20°C

2,8 mm2/s

Protective film type


Period of protection with internal storage

9-12 months

Period of protection with external storage

3-6 months


20 L and 200 L

Available in

Netherlands and Belgium


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