Beruclean 3050

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Alkaline universal all-purpose cleaning agent for industrial soiling. Suitable for both manual and machine use.

Benefits Beruclean 3050

  • High economic efficiency thanks to very low consumption
  • Suitable for manual and machine use
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Beruclean 3050

Beruclean 3050 is ideal for both machine and manual cleaning. The cleaning agent can be used in vacuum machines, scrubber driers, high-pressure and steam-blasting machines. Beruclean 3050 is neutral to paints, rubber seals, plastics, textiles and aluminum.

Product features Beruclean 3050

  • Neutral with respect to paints, rubber seals, plastics, textiles and aluminium
  • Powerful detergent
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Beruclean 3050

Type of cleaner


pH value 5%


Type of cleaning process

Steam jet tools, manual cleaning


18 KG and 180 KG on request

Available in

Netherlands & Belgium


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