High temperature grease

Fomlube® high temperature grease is a fluorinated grease and resistant to extremely high and low temperatures (-75 °C to +290 °C). Lubrication performance remains unchanged regardless of high or low operating temperatures. The formulation of PFPE base oil and PTFE thickener makes Fomlube® suitable for the toughest thermal conditions.

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For Nippon Gases, safety is priority number one, this brings stringent requirements with it when it comes to lubricants in oxygen-rich environments. With our PFPE lubricants, we contribute to safety in the processing of gases and oxygen. Curious about which products Nippon Gases uses? You can read it here!

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The advantages of Fomlube® high temperature grease

Looking for a grease for extremely high temperature applications? Discover the advantages of Fomlube®! Fomlube® is suitable for both extremely high and extremely low temperatures (-75 °C to +290 °C). Thanks to its thermal stability and antioxidant properties. Beside good lubrication at high temperatures, Fomlube® offers further advantages:

Wide operating temperature

Fomlube® grease is known for its wide temperature range. At temperatures from (-75 °C to +290 °C) Fomlube® offers excellent lubrication. This makes Fomlube® highly resistant to very wide thermal cycles. In addition, the greases offer a very high viscosity index (>300).

Fomlube® high-temperature grease is non-flammable due to its unique composition of ingredients. Fomlube® consists of carbon, oxygen and fluorine. Due to the absence of hydrogen, Fomlube has no flash point and does not support combustion. This makes the high-temperature grease safe to use.

Chemically & oxygen inert
Fomlube® is inert to almost all chemicals, including oxygen. The high temperature grease does not react when in contact with oxygen or chemicals. This is due to its unique composition of ingredients.

Fomlube® high-temperature greases are always stable, thanks to their inert nature. As a result, the greases always perform well, regardless of aggression conditions. In addition, the greases have an extremely long service life, also thanks to their inert nature.

Applications of Fomlube®

Fomlube® is widely used in high temperature applications and in aggression operating conditions. Examples of common applications for Fomlube include vacuum systems, oxygen applications, automotive applications and in cleanrooms.

Curious about a case study of Fomlube®? In Nippon Gases’ story, we tell you where Fomlube is used.

Compatible materials
High-temperature grease Fomlube® is compatible with most types of elastomers and plastics. Think Polyethylene, EPDM and so on. However, the thermal stability of plastics is something to keep an eye on, this can be a limiting factor.

Metals and Fomlube® go also well together, such as stainless steel, many alloy steels titanium alloys and cobalt alloys.

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