deconex® HT 1520

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This mildly alkaline, aqueous cleaning agent is suitable for spray cleaning and spray cleaning systems. Removes cutting and anti-corrosion oils.

Benefits deconex® HT 1520

  • Good wetting ability
  • High degreasing capacity
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deconex® HT 1520

deconex® HT 1520 has been specially developed for removing grease from particularly corrosive metals. Thanks to special surfactant compounds, the precision cleaning agent has a high degreasing power even in slightly alkaline ranges.

Product features deconex® HT 1520

  • Removes cutting oils, anticorrosion oils, oil emulsions and salt residues
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deconex® HT 1520

pH value


Material compatibility total

Aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver, stainless steel, silver, titanium, gold, platinum, HSS/steel, glass, plastic and rubber

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10 KG and 25 KG


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