deconex® HT 1512

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Strongly alkaline precision cleaning agent, suitable for degreasing before coating.

Benefits deconex® HT 1512

  • High degreasing power
  • Good material compatibility
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deconex® HT 1512

Cleaning and degreasing before coating? Then deconex® HT 1512 is the solution. This precision cleaning agent reliably removes machining and protective oils as well as storage residues. deconex® HT 1512 creates a hydrophilic surface.

Product features deconex® HT 1512

  • Suitable for spray cleaning systems, immersion baths and ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Removes cutting oils, anti-corrosive oils and oil emulsions
  • Does not have a turbidity point
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deconex® HT 1512

pH value


Material compatibility total

Aluminium, copper, bronze, nickel silver, stainless steel, carbides and HSS/steel


Spray cleaning system, immersion baths and ultrasonic cleaning systems

Available in



10 KG and 25 KG on request


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