deconex® HT 1401

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Strongly alkaline precision cleaning agent for removing machine oils, corrosion-resistant oils, stubborn residues, alkali soluble adhesives and protective lacquers from hard metals.

Benefits deconex® HT 1401

  • Very strong cleaning properties for the most stubborn dirt
  • Increased bath life thanks to high emulsifying effect
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deconex® HT 1401

deconex® HT 1401 provides excellent removal of the most stubborn soiling thanks to the right composition of ingredients. Thanks to a high emulsifying effect on resin and colophony, the life of the bath is significantly extended. HT 1401 is compatible with many types of metals.

Product features deconex® HT 1401

  • Prevents re-accumulation of already removed contamination on the substrate
  • Tolerant to tap water from 3%.
  • Prevents leaching of cobalt
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deconex® HT 1401

pH value


Material compatibility total

Hard metals, HSS, stainless steel, steel, copper alloys and titanium



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10 KG and 25 KG on request


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