deconex® HT 1400

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Strongly alkaline precision cleaning agent for use in immersion baths and ultrasonic cleaning systems. Removes residues of polishing and grinding paste, resins, colophony and oils.

Benefits deconex® HT 1400

  • Strong cleaning properties
  • Optimal wetting properties
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deconex® HT 1400

deconex® HT 1400 guarantees strong cleaning due to its high alkaline content. Contaminants such as machining oils, oil emulsions, resins and polishing and grinding paste are removed. In addition, HT 1400 prevents accumulation on the substrate of already removed contamination. Another additional benefit of HT 1400 is its extended service life thanks to its high emulsifying effect on resin and colophony.

Product features deconex® HT 1400

  • Increased bath life thanks to high emulsifying effect
  • Tolerant to tap water from 3%.
  • Prevents accumulation of already removed contamination on the substrate
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deconex® HT 1400

pH value


Material compatibility total

Steel, stainless steel, gold and platinum



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12 KG and 25 KG on request


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