Galden SV 110

SKU: SV110

A PFPE liquid intended for solvent cleaning of surfaces. The product is nontoxic and safe to use.

Benefits Galden SV 110

  • High boiling point
  • Nonflammable
  • Free of chlorine, bromine and iodine
  • Environmentally friendly by ODP of 0
  • No auto-ignition point
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Galden SV 110

Galden SV 110 is a carrier fluid for PFPE oils and fats. The product has a low molecular weight, high boiling point and good process control. Galden SV 110 is safe to use because it has no flash point and no self-ignition point.

Product features Galden SV 110

  • Nontoxic
  • Compatible with metals, elastomers and plastics
  • Low molecular weight
  • Fully miscible with PFPE oils and greases
More information

Galden SV 110

Base fluid


Boiling point

110 °C


1.71 g/cm3

Viscosity at 25°C

0.77 cSt

Vapor pressure at 25°C

17 torr bij 20 °C

Surface tension

16 dyne/cm

Solubility of water

<10 ppm


5 KG

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