Fomblin® W 150

SKU: W150

This precision chemical cleaning agent offers improved solubility for polar contaminants and is ideally suited for vapor degreasing equipment.

Benefits Fomblin® W 150

  • Long service life
  • Good viscosity index
  • Inert for oxygen
  • Low evaporation loss
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Fomblin® W 150

Fomblin® W 150 features an extremely wide temperature range, excellent thermal and electrical resistance and does not react with metal, plastic, elastomers and rubber. In addition, the oil is resistant to extreme pressure and wear. No application is too crazy for this oil!

Product features Fomblin® W 150

  • Nonflammable
  • Extremely wide temperature range
  • Does not react with metal, plastics, elastomers and rubber
  • Unequalled resistance to chemicals and solvents
More information

Fomblin® W 150

Base oil


Molecular Weight

4500 a.m.u.

Viscosity base oil at 40°C

72 mm2/s

Viscosity index


Pour point in °C


Weight loss

13.5% at 204°C, 22 hr

Density at 20 °C


4 Ball Wear test conditions

0.7 mm

Available in



15 KG, other packaging on request


Automotive, Electronics and Semiconductor, Oxygen and gas


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