deconex® 44 peroxyclean

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Cleaning enhancer for the removal of stubborn residues. Suitable for applications in laboratory washing machines.

Benefits deconex® 44 peroxyclean

  • Strong, effective cleaning
  • Removes stubborn residues
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deconex® 44 peroxyclean

deconex® 44 PeroxyClean is able to easily remove very stubborn residues such as polymers due to its strong oxidizing properties. Because the additive is free of surfactants, it does not foam and cleans without leaving any residue. An additional advantage is that PeroxyClean is environmentally friendly, due to the fully biodegradable substances in the formulation.

Product features deconex® 44 peroxyclean

  • Residue-free cleaning
  • Foamless
  • Biodegradable
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deconex® 44 peroxyclean

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