Berulub WP 402 H1

SKU: WP402

Durable food-grade lubricant for rolling and plain bearings, machines under high/shock loads etc. in food industry

Benefits Berulub WP 402 H1

  • NSF-H1 registered
  • Very high water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Reliable protection against corrosion
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Berulub WP 402 H1

Berulub WP 402 H1 is a universal durable grease for the food and animal feed industry. Indeed, Berulub WP 402 H1 is resistant to high and shock loads and neutral in odor and taste.

Product features Berulub WP 402 H1

  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Highly resistant to high and shock loads
  • Neutral in aroma and taste
  • Compatible with steel and plastics
More information

Berulub WP 402 H1

Base oil

White oil/Polybuteen


Aluminum complex soap



Viscosity base oil at 40°C

400 mm2/s

Temperature range

-20°C tot +150°C


H1, Halal & Koosjer


12 x 400 gram lube shuttle cartridge and 180 kg drum (on request)

Available in

Netherlands and Belgium


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