Beruform VSM 41


Molding fluid, not miscible with water. Specially designed for punching, bending and stamping small parts and machining fine sheets up to about 1 mm.

Benefits Beruform VSM 41

  • Free of chlorine, sulfur and heavy metals
  • No odor
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Beruform VSM 41

Need residue-free and touch-dry surfaces? If so, Beruform VSM 41 is very suitable! The forming liquid is free of chlorine, sulfur and heavy metals. Beruform VSM 41 is widely used for machining steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

Product features Beruform VSM 41

  • Almost residue free
  • Ensures touch dry surfaces
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Beruform VSM 41

Suitable material

Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Steel


Punching, bending, roll forming and fine sheet processing


20 L

Available in

Netherlands and Belgium


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