BECHEM Plantfluid

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Food-grade oil for high temperature applications in bakeries, such as lattice conveyors and slat conveyors in continuous baking ovens.

Benefits BECHEM Plantfluid

  • NSF-3H registered
  • Suitable for high temperatures
  • Reliable protection against corrosion
  • Prevents stiffening of conveyor belts in ovens
  • Reduces friction and wear
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BECHEM Plantfluid

Thanks to its NSF-3H certification, BECHEM Plantfluid is very suitable for the food industry. The oil may come into direct contact with foods. BECHEM Plantfluid is widely used in particular for high temperature applications because of its high temperature range. It prevents squeaking and stiffening of conveyor belts in continuous baking ovens.

Product features BECHEM Plantfluid

  • Suitable for direct food contact
  • Reliable protection against corrosion
  • Free of MOSH and MOAH
  • Eliminates squeaking noises
More information

BECHEM Plantfluid

Base oil


Viscosity base oil at 40°C

42 mm2/s

Pour point in °C


Flash point


Temperature range

0°C tot 180°C


3H, H1, Halal & Koosjer


10 L can

Available in

Netherlands and Belgium


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