03 Oct 2022

Solvay appoints FenS as European partner for Fluorolink® PFPE

Solvay appoints FenS as its European partner for its Fluorolink® PFPE lubricants.
The reason for this cooperation – which comes into effect immediately – is to ensure that all of Solvay’s European Fluorolink® customers continue to benefit from technical support, service and market knowledge.

About the cooperation
Solvay chose us as its European partner for Fluorolink® PFPE because our strategy and service level fit seamlessly with their policy. Our years of knowledge and experience in the field of lubricants also played a major role in this. In addition, Fluorolink® is a great addition to our current range of fluorinated lubricants such as Fomblin® PFPE.

About Fluorlink® PFEP fluids
Fluorolink® PFPE are surface fluids based on bifunctional perfluoropolyether structure. The fluorinated fluids serve both as coatings and as building blocks of blends. Advantages of Fluorolink® are that they protect against water, oil, stains, dirt and to reduce surface energy, no matter what form they are used in.

About Solvasy Speciality Polymers
Solvay Specialty Polymers manufactures more than 1,500 products from 35 different brands. From high performance polymers – fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers, fluorinated fluids, semi-aromatic polyamides, sulphonic polymers, aromatic ultra polymers to high barrier value polymers and cross-linked high performance compounds. For applications in aerospace, alternative energy, automotive, healthcare, membranes, oil and gas, packaging, plumbing, semiconductors, wire and cable and other industries.

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